Tuesday, November 25, 2008

About Zachimalawi

Zachimalawi, simply put, means everything Malawian.
Here is an opportunity to discuss any aspect of the Malawian, and how it impacts on social-economic development. This is a forum where I, Richard Chirombo, son of a humbleNgoni man from Dedza- a Central region district of Malawi with one of the longest-serving Members of Parliament John Jenus Ungapake Tembo, will be sharing with you some of the most interesting things about Malawi and being Malawian. No, this has always been a misrepresentation of facts by opponents of the strong Dedza man, WHO also leader of the powerful opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP). If the truth were to be told, Tembo has only been MP for a few years, but spent most of his time serving in various government portfolios unlike MP. Talk of Reserve Bank Governor, chairperson to various parastatl organisations, etc. Next time, I will bring forth the history of the man; both political and personal, and how other people try to mislead others. Call it others misleading others.
Here, we will be talking about so many things. Malawian.
For now, this is M'malawi, Richard Chirombo.

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