Monday, December 4, 2017

Thom Chiumia!

This man, Thom Chiumia, has always courted controversy, right from the time he was young.

It seems people really do not know who Thom Chiumia, the face of Nyasa Times is.

Well, Thom Chiumia has finally 'revealed' to us who he is: a suspected defiler.

What a shame, especially that Thom Chiumia has, for a long time, stood, or pretended to stand, as the bastion of sanity.

Only to shame himself and his relatives by indulging in an abominable act.

Today, the name Thom Chiumia will forever be associated with criminality. I mean, now that the man Thom Chiumia, who stays in the United Kingdom, has been exposed.

How do you defile an under-age girl, when we are in the prism of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence?

Kauluka kadzatera [no matter how far a bird flies, it lands, somehow.

Look at Thom Chiumia of Nyasa Times!

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