Friday, October 7, 2016

On President Peter Mutharika's Absence

The gravity of some Malawians'fury over president Peter Mutharika's absence in the country is shocking.
More so because, while the president is wrong to keep Malawians in the dark about his where-abouts in the United States, it is wrong to play clever jokes on his absence, especially when the joke is premised on the idea that Mutharika has lost his way in the thicket of life in the so-called Dreamland.
Come on, the president spent 40 years of his tank of life in the United States, where he shared his knowledge on constitutional law and other deliberate loopholes legal minds are always setting up.
Secondly, some of the most vocal voices have not stepped their feet on Malawi soil for six or so months. So, does the president's absence or presence matter, anyway.
What matters, really, is that, in pretending to get concerned about the president's absence, they are only bringing attention to themselves.
That is all they want!

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