Friday, July 22, 2016

Polytechnic Students Start Demonstrations

... Police start firing teargas canisters
Students from The Polytechnic, a Blantyre-based constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima), have started demonstrating against the recent fees hike effected by the University Council.
This means the students have joined the cause of their counterparts at Chancellor College in Zomba. Chancellor College has since been closed.
However, it seems that the police have been ready since morning. As early as 08:30 am, heavily-armed police were seen lining at Chichiri Shopping Mall in Malawi's commercial city.
Reports of imminent students' demonstrations had been making rounds all week.
The Polytechnic students did immediately join their Chancellor College counterparts because they were sitting examinations.
As things stand now, some students from The Polytechnic have left for home, but others-- those intent on making their position known on the issue of fees' hike-- have remained behind.
The Polytechnic is situated along the Masauko-Chipembere Highways, one of the busiest roads in Malawi.
Any demonstrations easily spill into the highway, as students often vent their anger on vehicles and passers-by.
The tear-gassing has started. What next?

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