Sunday, May 8, 2016

Zachimalawi Wins Misa-Malawi Annual Media Awards ‘2016 Best Blogger of the Year’

…Government of the United States gives Blogger Galaxy Tab A
…As Zachimalawi Blogger also wins Misa-Malawi ‘2016 Human Rights Journalist of the Year [Print]

When Zachimalawi started blogging on November 25 2008, the idea was to archive news articles written by Richard Chirombo.
However, five months later, the Blogger was surprised to discover that seven people were ‘following’ the blog. Having realised the blog was no longer a preserve of Richard Chirombo, the blogger decided to start posting articles every day.
Initially, I could post articles once or twice a week, depending on what I wrote.
Before long, the Blog’s followership grew to 89. The blog became known, too, with traffic indicators showing that there are more followers in Europe and the Americas, than in Africa [Malawi inclusive].
Posting articles was no longer a question of ‘whenever time permits’; it was obligatory. My first responsibility was to the followers, and not myself.

However, the frequency of posting was somewhat disrupted, following my admission into the University of Malawi’s Bachelor of Arts [Communication and Cultural Studies] in September 2013. I am still learning, this being Fourth Year, First Semester.
Being a student has, somewhat, disrupted my work ethic, and, in the past two years, I have not been posting every day or every two days. School work takes much of my time.
It is not surprising, therefore, that, in the history of Zachimalawi, 32 followers stopped following the blog three months ago. I must say, when I discovered that 32 people had stopped following the blog, I felt sad. It was the saddest moment in my life.
I think the issue of posts not being updated every day, or two days, played a role.
I also think the blog has, somewhat, minimized its focus on minority rights. Not that things have not been happening in Malawi; it is because of the studies.
Let me assure followers of the blog that I will be through with my studies by November [I am becoming a cultural theorist] and I will get into the habit of posting everyday again.

Vote of thanks
Let me, then, thank all of you, good people, for being there for me. I do not take your continued following of the blog for granted. I am sorry for not giving you reasons for my failure to update daily. But, again, thanks for your understanding.
I would like to thank two Chinese friends who have been pressing me to start a news website that would operate like the others. Well, maybe time will come.

Winning formula
Before I finish, let me thank Malawian journalists who, through the Media Institute of Southern Africa- Malawi Chapter, voted for Zachimalawi as ‘2016 Best Blogger of the Year’.
Thanks, again, to the people of the United States of America who, through the Government of the United States, have given the prize of a Samsung Galaxy Tab A
245.8 mm (9.7 inch) XGA LCD
1.2GHz Quad Core Pricessor
5.0MP (AF) / 2.0MP
Full HD Playback & HD Recording
I am sure that failure to post due to time will no longer be an excuse. I have been given the necessary tool by the American people.
In the end, emerging as the ‘MISA Malawi Annual Media Awards 2016 Best Blogger of the Year’ will motivate me into working very hard.
In another development, Richard Chirombo [who blogs on Zachimalawi] was on May 7 [Saturday] voted ‘Misa Malawi Annual Media Awards 2016 Human Rights Journalist of the Year [Print] at a function that took place at Sunbird Nkopola Lodge in Mangochi District [Southern Malawi].
The event pulled together journalists from all media houses in Malawi, including Zodiak Broadcasting Station, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation radios and Television, FM 101, Capital FM, MIJ FM, Yoneco FM, Chancellor College Community Radio Station, Times Group [publishers of The Daily Times, The Sunday Times, Malawi News, owners of Times Radio, Times Television], Nation Publications Limited [publishers of The Nation, The Weekend Nation, Nation of Sunday], Ufulu FM, Joy Radio and Television, among others.
Richard Chirombo emerged winner as ‘2016 Human Rights Journalist of the Year’ for his news articles on the persecution of people with the condition of albinism in Malawi.

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