Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From the Mouth of Julius Malema

President Zuma has presided over textbooks crisis, Marikana massacre, police brutality, mass unemployment and the killing of our soldiers in the CAR and everyone is scared to confront him on those grave matters. The Prime Minister of the CAR Nicolas Tiangaye said here in South Africa that the relationship between South Africa and ex-president Bozize was personalized, meaning that our soldiers died in the CAR because of personalized relationship.

Now because of other personalized relationship and President Zuma's nephew business dealings in the Democratic Republic of Congo, our soldiers will be donated to another war, which has potential to cause instability in our own country. The protest actions of DRC citizens to ANC Head Offices, Luthuli House and other many events reveals that South Africa is imposing itself on the DRC and such will sacrifice and compromise our legitimacy in the continent. This is due to a directionless President, whom everyone is scared to question, hence the developments in our Airbase.

Now that the incident has happened, we call on the South African National Prosecutions Authority to charge the Gupta family with high treason for initiating and pushing through efforts that led to the usage of our military airbase despite the disapproval by the Minister of Defence. Attempts to use a key national security point without approval by relevant authorities is treason.

It is plain foolishness and naïveté to ever believe that some junior officers, including Police Reservists are the guilty ones on this case because they were just carrying instructions of Highest authority. If the NPA is not in the pockets of the Guptas, like many are, it will proceed to lay charges of treason against the Gupta family for undermining and threatening national security. Unions are also quiet over victimization of Police, Police Reservists and Traffic Cops by Senior Officials and will be the first ones to cry counter-revolution when alternate Unions emerge
- May 5, 2013 Statement issued by Julius Maleman on behalf of Economic Freedom Fighters.

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