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The Malawi Electoral Commission is a body mandated to conduct elections in Malawi. The Commission is further mandated to promote public awareness of electoral matters through the media and other appropriate and effective
means. The Commission delegates its mandate to accredited service providers to assist in the delivery of Civic and Voter Education. This is in line with democratic principles and best practices as observed internationally.

The Commission is hereby informing the general public that after evaluation of the applications it received, the following organisations have been accredited to conduct Civic and Voter Education for the 2014 Tripartite Elections:-


1. Active Youth in Development (AYIDO)
2. Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement (AYISE)
3. Angaliba Foundation
4. Association of Progressive Women (APW)
5. Blantyre Synod Church and Society Programme
6. Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP)
7. Centre for Alternatives Victimised Women and Children (CAVWOC)
8. Centre for Children's Affairs Malawi
9. Centre for Children's Aid
10.Centre for Development Communications (CDC)
11.Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR)
12.Centre for Human Rights, Education, Advice & Assistance (CHREAA)
13.Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD)
14.Centre for Sustainable Community Development
15.Centre for Youth and Children's Affairs
16.Centre for Youth Development & Social Empowerment
17.Chagunda Community Project
18.Chigwirizano Women Movement (CBO)
19.Chikulamayembe Women Forum (CBO)
20.Chimwemwe Persons with Disabilities Organisation
21.Chinansi Foundation
22.Christian Compassion for the Destitute & Development
23.Church and Society Programme—Livingstonia Synod
24.Church and Society Programme—Nkhoma Synod
25.Circle for Integrated Community Development (CICOD)
26.Civil Liberties Committee (CILIC)
27.Communities in Development Activities (COIDA)
28.Concerned Youth Organisation (CYO)
29.Democracy Yathu Programme (SRGDI)
30.Development Communications Trust
31.Ekwendeni Community Based Organisation (CBO)
32.Evangelical Association of Malawi (AEM)
33.Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi
34.Forum for New Direction
35.Foundation for Children's Rights
36.Foundation for Community Services (FOCUS)/Forum for Advocacy &
Community Development
37.Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC)
38.International Group Association (IGA)
39.Islamic Information Bureau
40.Justice Link
41.Kabula Youth and Community Initiative
42.Karonga Debate Club (KADEC)
43.Ladder for Rural Development
44.Lobbyists for Peace, Justice and Transparency
45.Malawi CARER(Centre for Advice, Research and Education on Rights)
46.Malawi Council of Churches (MCC)
47.Malawi Electoral Support Network
48.Malawi Human Rights Youth Network
49.Malawi Local Government Association (MALGA)
50.Malawi National Association of the Deaf (MANAD)
51.Malawi Union of the Blind (MUB)
52.Maonde Youth Initiative for Support (MAYISS)
53.Mbawemi Women Orphanage Care
54.Mithungu Youth
55.Mpemba Youth Organisation
56.Mtendere Election Support Network
57.Munawwarah Islamic Organisation
58.Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM)
59.Muslim Forum for Democracy and Peace (MUSFORD)
60.Mzimba Community Based Organisation Network-CBO
61.Mzuzu Youth Association
62.Nanzikambe Arts Development Organisation
63.National Elections Systems Trust (NEST)
64.National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE)
65.National Women's Lobby Group
66.Neno Youth Works (CBO)
67.New Apostolic Relief and Development Programme (NARDEP)
68.New Restoration Ministries International
69.NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN)
70.Nkanamwano Community Development Organisation
71.Nkhotakota Youth Organisation
72.Northern Region Women Forum
73.Ntchisi Organisation for Youth and Development
74.Ntchisi Women Forum
75.Pamudzi Community Trust
76.Pan African Civic Educators Network (PACENET)
77.Peace in God Organisation (PIGO)
78.Pentecostal & Charismatic Network (PECHAN)
79.Peoples Federation for National Peace and Development (PEFENAP)
80.Phunzilani Development Organisation
81.Public Affairs Committee (PAC)
82.Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi
83.Social and Economic Justice Organisation
84.Society for Peace
85.Solomonic Peacocks Theatre Organisation
86.The Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI)
87.The Registered Trustees of Reach Out Ministries
88.The Story Workshop
89.Thondwe Youth Skills Development Org. (THOYODO)
90.Tikondane CBO
91.Tilimbikire CBO for the Elderly-Mzuzu CBO
92.Tiphedzane Community Support Organisation
93.Tithetse CBO
94.Ufulu Wathu Community Based Organisation
95.Umodzi Youth Organisation
96.Umunthu Foundation
97.Women and Law in Southern Africa (WILSA)
98.Women of Victory-CBO
99.Women's Voice
100.Young Politicians Union
101.Youth and Children Rights Shield
102.Youth Association for Behaviour Change
103.Youth Coalition for Consolidation of Democracy
104.Youth Empowerment & Civic Education
105.Youth Impact Organisation
106.Youth Watch Society
107.YouthNet and Counseling (YONECO)

B. Media and Advertising Agencies

1. AFJ Television
2. AMB Advertisement and Marketing Bureau
3. Capital Radio
4. Chilankhulo Media Consultants
5. Corporate Colours
6. Dynamic Media Communications
7. Galaxy Solutions
8. Go Bright Media,
9. HBI Media Services
10.Kamia Media Consultants
11.Nation Publications Ltd
12.Radio Maria
13.Radio Tigabane
14.Ruflo Agencies
15.Thengo Investments
16.Zodiak Braodcsting Station

C. Media houses/organisations

1. ABC Radio and TV
3. Blantyre Newspapers Ltd
4. CAN radio and TV
5. Capital FM Radio
6. CFC Radio and CFC Tv
7. Dzimwe Community Radio
8. Joy FM
9. Luntha TV
10.LWC 100 FM
11.Matindi FM
12.Maziko Radio
13.MBC Radio and TV
14.Media Council of Malawi
15.MIJ FM Radio
16.MISA Malawi
17.Montfort Publications
18.Mudziwathu Community Radio
19.Mzimba Community Radio
20.Nation Publications
21.Nkhotakota Community Radio
22.Power FM 101
23.Radio Alinafe
24.Radio Islam
25.Radio Maria
26.Radio Tigabane
27.SDA Radio
28.Star FM
29.Transworld Radio
30.Voice of Livingstonia
31.Zodiak Broadcasting Station

D. Road Show promoters

1. Florite
2. Great Africa Communications
3. Tink Promotions
4. Wanga Crew Direct Marketing Company
E. Radio and TV Comedians
1. Chindime and Samalani Theatre
2. Community Radio Initiative (COMRI)
3. First Dawn Arts
4. Mr Jokes
5. Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa

F. Musicians

1. Body, Mind and Soul Band - Mzuzu
2. Chichiri Culture Troupe - Blantyre
3. Chilanjo Band - Nkhotakota
4. Dyghton Mbewe and Wonderful Birds - Mzuzu
5. Evergreen Video Company - Blantyre
6. Fitzqerad Simfukwe and The Chitipa Wailers - Mzuzu
7. Kaligo Melodies - Blantyre
8. Katawa Singers - Mzuzu
9. Lome Mafunga and Tinyade Sounds - Blantyre
10.Lucius Banda and Zembani Band - Balaka
11.Lusubilo Band - Karonga
12.Madalitso Njelema & Ndirande CCAP Praise Team -Blantyre
13.Makolo Music Disco - Blantyre
14.Mandevu Farm Band - Machinga
15.Maskal and Umunthu Band - Blantyre
16.Mbakaya Dancing Troup - Chitipa
17.Mlaka Maliro and Maloto Vibrations - Blantyre
18.Music Point - Blantyre
19.Ndingo Band - Lilongwe
20.Nyimbo Music Company - Lilongwe
21.Pamlonga Band - Mzuzu
22.Papa Mtume and the African Mingoli Band - Blantyre
23.Paradise Africa Band - Mzuzu
24.Patrick Simakweli - Blantyre
25.PK Media - Blantyre
26.Princess Chitsulo - Blantyre
27.Ravers Band - Blantyre
28.Snowden H. M. Ibbu, - Blantyre
29.Super Melody Band - Blantyre
30.The Superb Boys Band - Blantyre
31.The Never Ending Jupetters - Blantyre
32.Wanangwa Band - Mzuzu
33.Women Desk Band - Mzuzu

G. Drama Groups

1. Amazon Arts Theatre - Blantyre
2. Anganga Afiki Theatre - Blantyre
3. Anyoni Drama Group - Blantyre
4. Apawo Drama Group - Blantyre
5. Ashimo Drama Group - Kasungu
6. Astrovaganza - Mzuzu
7. Auze Drama Group - Ntcheu
8. Azizi Travelling Theatre - Blantyre
9. B.E.N Theatre, Blantyre
10.BA-HE-CE Drama Group - Blantyre
11.Bantu Arts Theatre - Blantyre
12.Business Eye and Creative Communications - Blantyre
13.Bwalo Drama Group - Blantyre
14.Chikolopa Performing Arts - Karonga
15.Chimwemwe Arts Group - Dedza
16.Chisomo Drama Group - Lilongwe
17.Chithozi Drama Group - Mzuzu
18.Chiyambi Drama Group - Lilongwe
19.City Public Awareness Arts Group - Lilongwe
20.Damascus Drama Group - Blantyre
21.Dragon Arts - Mzuzu
22.Dygo Cultural Troupe - Blantyre
23.Fikisa Dancing Troupe - Balaka
24.Gado Drama Group - Thyolo
25.Islamic Arts Laboratory - Lilongwe
26.Judges Cultural Troup and Drama Group - Blantyre
27.Kachere Cultural Troupe - Blantyre
28.Katoto Mvalenji Drama Group - Mzuzu
29.Kauni Theatre for Development - Ntchisi
30.Kukaya Cultural Dance Troupe (K.C.D.T.) - Mzuzu
31.Kumvera Drama Group - Blantyre
32.Kunthazi Arts Theatre - Mzuzu
33.Kwathu Drama Group - Blantyre
34.Lilongwe Arts Theatre - Lilongwe
35.Lions Theatre - Blantyre
36.Luka's Theatre - Blantyre
37.Magagula and Che Jali Crew - Blantyre
38.Masache Drama Group - Lilongwe
39.Maziko Drama Group - Blantyre
40.Mbakwiza Drama Group - Mzuzu
41.Mbawala Travelling Theatre - Dowa
42.Mbelo Travelling Theatre - Chiradzulu
43.Mdoka Travelling Theatre - Blantyre
44.Moto-Moto Drama - Chitipa
45.Mpemba Youth Group Theatre - Blantyre
46.Mpoto Wafika Drama Group - Mzuzu
47.Mussa Pennoh and Halu Drama Group - Nsanje
48.Mvao Travelling Theatre - Blantyre
49.Mwaziona Drama Group - Blantyre
50.Mzati Theatre Company - Blantyre
51.Nang'ombe Drama Group - Thyolo
52.National Theatre Association of Malawi - Blantyre
53.Ndikhoza Drama Group - Blantyre
54.Nginde Theatre Company - Blantyre
55.Nkhutukumve Drama Group - Kasungu
56.Nkumbira Arts Theatre - Blantyre
57.Noriega and Atcheya Drama Group - Blantyre
58.Nthalire Drama Group - Chitipa
59.Oneness Drama Group - Mzuzu
60.Pamodzi Travelling Theatre - Blantyre
61.Pess Theatre Company - Mzuzu
62.Pfuko Arts Theatre - Lilongwe
63.Phunziro Arts Theatre - Lilongwe
64.Prison Reform Drama group - Zomba
65.Reformation Theatre/ Queens Pride - Lilongwe
66.Rising Chores Theatre - Lilongwe
67.Rufiri Drama Group - Mzuzu
68.Solomonic Peacocks Theatre - Blantyre
69.Soniso Aids Fighter Drama Group - Mulanje
70.Storm Arts Theatre - Lilongwe
71.Tabwera Dance Troup - Lilongwe
72.Tafika Arts Group - Lilongwe
73.Taoloka Travelling Theatre - Blantyre
74.Tauka Arts Theatre - Blantyre
75.Ticheze Performance Arts - Blantyre
76.Tilinamwe Travelling Theatre - Mzuzu
77.Tithandizane Drama Group -Blantyre
78.Tithandizane Theatre for Development - Dowa
79.Tiwale Cultural Troup - Lilongwe
80.Tiyanjane Arts Group - Lilongwe
81.Tonse Drama Group - Mulanje
82.Twapochere Drama group - Machinga
83.Ulemu Drama Group - Ntcheu
84.Upile Drama Group - Blantyre
85.Wakwithu Theatre - Mzimba
86.Wanna Do Ensemble Theatre - Blantyre
87.Women in Theatre -Blantyre
88.Zakaria and Mwambo Arts Theatre - Blantyre
89.Zatelera Drama Group - Blantyre
90.Zawo Performing Arts - Blantyre
91.Zikomo Cultural Troupe - Lilongwe

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