Sunday, August 26, 2012

Update on Malawi, People's Republic of China Relations

The late Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika, was a man of strange foreign policy tastes!
This, Zachimalawi believes, is evident in the way he dumped Taiwan for Mainland China.
Then, there is this diplomatic 'scandal' Mutharika 'just dived' into: The expulsion of British High Commissioner to Malawi, Fergus Cochraine Dyet.
The two 'giant' steps paved the way for two schools of thought among the academia and political science students. The gist of their take was that: Mutharika either had no foreign policy objectives (at all), or had a foreign policy, albeit ambiguous and lop-sided!
All these 'debates' point to one thing: There is a commodity in Malawi- a silent commodity- and this commodity is in demand. This commodity has a name: It is called foreign policy!
Zachimalawi would, therefore, like to make a commitment. Zachimalawi wants to provide a wide range of foreign policy information through academic research. This will have something- perhaps a great deal, as expected- to do with Malawi.
This will be done through research. Wide-ranging research on Malawi's foreign policy overtures.
It will be academic research. Well-carried out. Thoroughly conducted.
That is the commitment.
The first project in this regard is research on how Malawi has benefited from her diplomatic ties with China, whether the 'benefits' are benefits at all, the 'hidden' costs and payments for Malawi, the ideal win-win situation, how Mainland China has benefited and/or exploited other African countries, China's real interests in Malawi, among others issues.
The research findings will be out in six months' time.

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