Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh, You, The Useless Super League of Malawi Officials

The Super League of Malawi (Sulom) is failing to finish a battle it started.
This battle, a war against hooliganism in soccer, started with Mighty Wanderers. That was earlier this year, when Nomads fans went on rampage after questionable referring from some former fisherman who decided to take a go at Malawi's miserable football.
In that game against Red Lions of Zomba, Wanderers could not get the secret to getting beyond the soldiers' defense.
And, as is custom in human affairs, they looked for a scapegoat. That scapegoat, as happens often in Malawi's amateur football, happening to the the former fisherman in uniform.
All hell broke loose. Literally.
It all started when the referee decided against what the Nomads felt was a penalty. Nomads fans started pelting stones on the pitch.
Everyone, including the Zomba-based soldiers, run for dear life!
Malawi National Council of Sports offices had their windows smashed.
The battle went to Masauko Chipembere Highway, where road signs, innocent vehicles were smashed.
In the end, the Nomads received an 18-games' 'Home Ground'-ban that started with one game without supporters in Balaka.
The Nomads have been paying dearly.
But that lesson, it seems, was not enough to cash-trapped, struggling Big Bullets fans.
On Saturday last week, they went on rampage, stoning and the like, at their traditional home, Kamuzu Stadium.
Of course, Bullets are too poor to have a stadium. Let along one as good as the Kamuzu Stadium.
But they stoned, unhappy with referring decisions.
For one hour and fifteen minutes, pl;ay was delayed. The Bullets supporters had invaded the pitch.
The Sulom chairperson only said the Bullets were wrong, and promised to mete punishment.
Up to now, there is nothing.
People are now asking whether these Sulom officials have started condoning violence.
But they are quiet.
That's how useless they can become.
At times.
They are part of Malawi's unproductive soccer story.
A story of sadness and heart-breaks!

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