Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kinnah Phiri Has Over-stayed His Flames' Welcome

Yes, it is true.

It seems like Malawi National Football Team coach, Kinnah 'Power-Outage' Phiri, has run out of ideas.
How, on this bumpy orgy, dare he suggest that match officials were 'bought' to spoil Malawi's premature party?
If the truth be told, it is Kinnah himself who was 'bought' by bad luck to spoil Malawi's qualification for Gabon!
Two things have emerged clearly from Malawi's daring attempt to 'kiss' bad luck: One. The team is in the habit of disappointing citizens who dwell in the land by the lake. Two. Kinnah 'Power-Outage' Phiri has run out of ideas and should put a hand in farming.
At least he can make quick cash through fish farming without disappointing people's hearts!
But, let us face it, Malawians are to blame, too.
They raise their expectations so high. Almost to a fault!
And when the team 'tastes' part of Kinnah Phiri's dating with bad luck, they fall so hard against their own expectations, blaming every one they meet along the Masauko- Chipembere Highway willy nilly.
It is my view that Malawians should not fly too high over reality. Of course, a little hope is necessary in life.
But such hope should not be fused with over-expectations, especially when the man to deliver the goods is Kinnah 'Power-Outage' Phiri!
Come to think about it. The Malawi National Lottery, which will roll out its services this coming December, is just a new kid on the sand-blocks of the land by the lake. But, already, the company has shown good will twice.
First, it gave Malawians a poke at what is to come after December by pledging K500, 000 to the team- in case it emerged victor over those North Africans form Tunisia.
On paper, the Tunisians were coming here to lose. Especially when we come to think that, just some five months ago, everyone thought theirs was a nation gaping for democratic breath. A nation under the fumes of revolution.
Look at what happened at the giant Kamuzu Stadium. The game ended in stalemate, a positive point for the then hopeless Tunisia.
On the face of it, the Malawi National Lottery was disappointed. Here is a team that fails to live up to expectations failing to lay its hands on this bounty.
But, the other truth must come out also, the Malawi National Lottery was happy also. Naturally.
Happy because their K500, 000 had survived the open pockets of the Malawi National Football Team, a.k.a. ashes!
Happy that the money would be used to complete painting works at its offices along Sanjika Road.
The company, however, tried to play another chancy game. Pledging, this time, K1 million to the tactless Flames. Sorry, ashes!
Well, the team botched it again. The botchful act was performed in prime time (05:00 P.M. Malawian time) when the kids and their mother and father are at home.
Or, if the father be not home, at least somewhere close to either home or tv screen.
That is how things go these days.
What? Technology? What do you know about technology!
Yes, they say- I don't know who- that we live in a technologically advanced world. But, if a question be raised, how can we (all) be said to be 'living' in a technologically-advanced world when there are millions among us who are not 'living' but 'surviving'?. Those people who find everyday a pain as they search for the basics.
Why is the world full, of nonsense!
Yes, back to that issue of close to home or screens.
So, as Malawians ( at least, some Malawians. Less than 8.5 per cent of the Malawi population) sat close to tv sets and wives, children and radio sets, the Kinnah 'Power-Outage' Phiri-led foot-orchestra decided to botch it up.
And, as has become the case, Kinnah 'Power-Outage' Phiri expects to hand on to the tattered thread that is the National team.
His apologetic card is that of allegations that the match officials were bought in Chad.
But this should not hold our senses.
It's time for Kinnah 'Power-Outage' Phiri to go.
After all, what happens when the 'electricity' goes out? They disappear in the darkness that follows, never to come back, perhaps.
Of course, the faces resurface, when the light comes back.
But this is not the case for us. The outage has stuck in our hearts. The blackness is so full it swallows all the hope around.
It is time, it seems, that Kinnah got swallowed by the darkness of our misery.
There are lots of things Kinnah 'Power-Outage' Phiri can do.
Join the struggling Big Bullets, perhaps.
Or fish farming.

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