Monday, August 17, 2009

Sole witness as Mulanje and Kilimanjalo mate

So innocent his mission,
Innocent Bushman set for the great Mulanje Mountain peak,
Sapitwa, that is the fame,
And the name.

Brother Kilimanjalo up river,
Of Sapitwa tolerates no riddle.
After all,
They hag up yonder

When shake the mighty winds,
When El Nino walks home,
To spread dry spells on land,
In miseries in the granaries.

That July morning,
Fog so covered,
The mighty Mulanje and Kilimanjalo kisses,
As Bushman

So innocently up mountain snaked.
The porter,So local in his knowledge
To Bushman's lonely insistence obliged,
To his lonely death no companion.

Mulanje Mountain so angry infuriated,
On why Bushman stil,l treked,
As Kilimanjalo and Mount Mulanje mate,
And unto another life's waters poured.

So went Bushman,
With the sperms of Father Kilimanjalo,
Down the Mulanje tube,
Yet he turned into no foetus.

Innocent villagers,
Wearing Bushman's innocence of July,
Up, up treked,
In search of daily bread.

Bushman quetly lay,
Flies nearby,
His new porter frriends,
That his own porter down he left

As towards death he solely treked.

Like the mighty winds,
The insolent fog,
Twain sheets as the two mounts met,
The news all over spread

That Bushman no longer breathed.

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