Monday, October 15, 2012

Journalist Justice Mponda Transferred to Lilongwe

Unconfirmed reports indicate that journalist Justice Mponda has been transferred to Lilongwe, Malawi's capital city that also serves at the Malawi Police Service headquarters.
When Zachimalawi visited Southern Region Police Headquarters in Blantyre, where Mponda was said to be kept, two police officers confided that the pint-sized journalist has been transferred to Lilongwe.
However, this does not strike one as strange, considering that people suspected of committing serious crimes are often transported to Lilongwe.
This happened to slain Reggae musician Evison Matafale. When police accused him of publishing seditious material and soiling the 'holy' name of the President (Bakili Muluzi, then), they took him to Lilongwe- from where he never came.
Today, Malawians- led by the Black Missionaries Band- commemorate his life because, when he went to Lilongwe, he never came back.

End Piece
A friend of mine, now living in South Africa, has written this following Justice Mponda's arrest.

To my friend and old colleague Justice Mponda, who police arrested early this morning from his home in Chiwembe in Blantyre, I wish a quick release.
I hope his charges of sedition, insulting President Joyce Banda and misinforming on the Malawi-Tanzania lake-boarder conflict are not authentic. I hope his case will be handled fairly, and that his lawyer will secure bail on second attempt. I feel personally involved and hope I will not be disappointed eventually.