Monday, February 1, 2010

Shoprite Malawi selling expired food stuffs

Shoprite Malawi is selling expired food stuffs to Malawians, most of who act on impasse buying.
The food stuffs affected include confectioneries. These are being 'dumped' to customers through cheap prices.
On Monday, February 1, 2010, for example, Shoprite was selling expired milk scones and cakes that left four people vomiting just outside the business mall.
Sympathetic till operators were also warning unsuspecting customers that some of the food stuffs were expired, a development that resulted into piles and files of confectionery products being dumped at five tills.
Shoprite officials could not immediately comment, as they wanted to verify the information.
However, one of the Malawian officials indicated that the trend started when Michael Brendon, a Shoprite official from South Africa, came to Malawi and noticed that workers were dumping a lot of goods.
Brendon accused the Malawian workers of being extravagant with raw materials, and advised them never to throw expired food away but, instead, reduce the prices of such goods.
So, the next time you go to Shoprite- either buy the expensive fresh foods, or get lost. Buying cheap goods will give you diaarhoea.
Zachimalawi has spoken.

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